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Vasco-P., Aida Marcela & Ana Esperanza Franco-Molano. A new species of Gloeocantharellus (Fungi-Basidiomycetes) from Colombian Amazonia. Mycotaxon 91: 87-92. 2005.

ABSTRACT: A new taxon of Gloeocantharellus is proposed as G. uitotanus. The species was collected in a terra firme forest in the northern part of the Middle Caqueta in the Amazonian region of Colombia. This species is characterized by having a combination of characters not found in other species of the genus: dry pileus surface which is smooth, areolate and bright peach red to reddish brown; and size, shape and ornamentation of basidiospores that are ellipsoidal to amygdaliform with rugulose walls. The genus Gloeocantharellus has five species with mainly neotropical and pantropical distribution. Gloeocantharellus uitotanus constitutes the sixth species of the genus, and it is known only from Colombia.

KEYWORDS: Amazonas, Basidiomycetes, Gomphaceae

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