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Song, M.-S., J.-Z. Cao & Y.-J. Yao. Occurrence of Tuber aestivum in China. Mycotaxon 91: 75-80. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The occurrence of Tuber aestivum in China is confirmed based on collections from Sichuan Province. The species is characterized by black or blackish-brown ascomata with prominent polygonal and pyramidal warts, yellowish or olive-brown gleba and irregularly reticulate ascospores. It is here reported from China for the first time with firm evidence of collections. A full description of the species, based on Chinese collections, and comparison with European collections are given, along with a brief discussion on closely related species, T. mesentericum, T. melanosporum and T. brumale. Some other Tuber species reported from the same area are also noted.

KEYWORDS: Chinese record, distribution, Tuberaceae

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