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Hawksworth, David L. Book reviews and notices. Mycotaxon 91: 509-523. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Books reviewed include:

[General] La Enciclopedia de las Setas.

[Basidiomycetes] Die Brandpilze Osterreichs; Impact of the Family Agaricaceae (Fr.) Cohn on Nutrition and Medicine; Ustilaginales (Mycota Lithuaniae); and Distribution Maps of Estonian Fungi. Vol. 3. Pore Fungi.

[Ascomycetes] Le specie europee del genere Tuber: una revisione storica; and Revised Synopsis of the Hyaloscyphaceae. [Lichen-forming fungi] Lichens 4 (Flora of Australia Vol. 56A); Velgids Korstmossen; Guia de Campo de los Liquenes, Musgos y Hepaticas; Liquenes de Costa Rica; Biodiversity Documentation for Kerala. Part 3: Lichens; and The Lichen Hunters.

[Conidial fungi] Penicillium subgenus Penicillium: new taxonomic schemes, mycotoxins and other extrolites; A Monograph of Fusicladium s. lat. (Hyphomycetes); and A Monograph of Verticillium Section Prostrata.

[Slime-moulds] NOMENMYX: a nomenclatural taxabase of Myxomycetes,


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