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Bjerke, Jarle W. Synopsis of the lichen genus Menegazzia (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota) in South America. Mycotaxon 91: 423-454. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The genus Menegazzia in South America is revised. Of the 20 species recognized, seven are fertile, esorediate "primary species" and 13 are rarely fertile, sorediate "secondary species." This paper revises the fertile species and provides notes on the sorediate species. The new combination M. wilsonii is proposed, and M. albida is relegated to synonymy. M. hollermayeri is shown to be conspecific with and synonymous to M. dispora. M. valdiviensis belongs to the subgenus Octospora, and not to the subgenus Dispora, as previously suggested. The sorediate species M. sanguinascens is shown to be a norstictic, not hypothamnolic, acid-containing species. M. norsorediata is placed in synonymy with M. sanguinascens. The hypothamnolic acid-containing Parmelia opuntioides var. violascens is raised to species level, as M. violascens. Argentinian reports of three Australasian sorediate species are rejected, and M. kawesqarica is reported as new to Argentina. Seventeen species, 14 endemic, are known from southern South America. Only three species are known from the tropical parts of South America. No species appear to occur in both areas. Notes on chemistry, distribution, and ecology and a key to the species are also included.

KEYWORDS: lichenized ascomycetes, taxonomy, Chile, chemotaxonomy

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