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Bjerke, Jarle W. , Harrie J.M. Sipman & Rosa E. Perez. A new subspecies of Menegazzia neotropica (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota) from Central America. Mycotaxon 91: 419-422. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Based on specimens collected by the second and third authors, the new subspecies Menegazzia neotropica ssp. rotundicarpa is described with a type specimen from Costa Rica. It differs from ssp. neotropica by the rounded, only slightly striate apothecia, the colour of the apothecial margins and the number of perforations. The new subspecies is also known from Venezuela and Mexico. It grows as an epiphyte in the subparamo zone.

KEYWORDS: lichens, Neotropics, infraspecific taxon, new records, Tapanti

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