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Kabaktepe, Sanli & Zeliha Bahcecioglu. Seven rust species recorded as new to Turkey. Mycotaxon 91: 393-396. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Seven species of rust fungi are reported for the first time from Turkey: Coleosporium euphrasiae on Euphrasia hirtella, Coleosporium telekiae on Telekia speciosa, Phragmidium acuminatum on Rubus sp., Puccinia smilacis on Smilax excelsa, Uredo daphnicola on Daphne oleoides, Uromyces baeumlerianus on Melilotus neopolitana, and Uromyces sophorae-flavescentis on Sophora jaubertii. The microscopical features of these fungi are described.

KEYWORDS: new records, parasites, Uredinales

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