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Mennicken, Mechthilde, Wolfgang Maier & Franz Oberwinkler. A contribution to the rust flora (Uredinales) on Zygophylloideae (Zygophyllaceae) in Africa. Mycotaxon 91: 39-48. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Five African species of rust fungi infecting the plant subfamily Zygophylloideae are described in detail and illustrated by line drawings, three of which are described as new: Uromyces dinteri (Anamorph Uredo zygophylli) on Tetraena decumbens (= Zygophyllum decumbens ) and on cf. Tetraena sp., Uromyces namaqualandus on Roepera cordifolia (= Zygophyllum cordifolium ) and on cf. Roepera sp., and Uromyces paulshoekensis on cf. Roepera foetida (= Zygophyllum cf. meyeri = Zygophyllum foetidum). Furthermore, we examined Uromyces trollipi on Roepera foetida (= Zygophyllum foetidum) and Uredo zygophyllina (= Uredo zygophylli) on Tetraena cornuta (= Zygophyllum cornutum ) and on Tetraena prismatocarpa (= Zygophyllum prismatocarpum). The description of a sixth species, Uredo augeae on Augea capensis, is added from literature.

KEYWORDS: Algeria, biodiversity, Egypt, Namibia, South Africa

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