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Steciow, Monica M. , Claudia C. Lopez Lastra & Michael W. Dick. The status of the genus Scoliolegnia Dick (Saprolegniales, Peronosporomycetes), with a new species from Argentina. Mycotaxon 91: 381-391. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Scoliolegnia hypogyna sp. nov. is described from dead unidentified species of Collembola in a freshwater habitat, located at Iguazu National Park, in Misiones province (Argentina). Distinguishing characteristics of Sc. hypogyna are the production of densely papillate oogonia, hypogynous antheridial cells and the absence of antheridial branches on the majority of the oogonia; the antheridial branches, when present, are monoclinous, diclinous or closely monoclinous; oospores are distinctively subcentric, 1-3(-6) per oogonium. The species is illustrated and compared with other species of the genus, and a key to the known Scoliolegnia species is included.

KEYWORDS: Peronosporomycota, Straminipila, systematics

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