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Castaneda Ruiz, Rafael F., Marc Stadler, Masatoshi Saikawa, Teresa Iturriaga, Cony Decock & Gabriela Heredia. Microfungi from submerged plant material: Zelotriadelphia amoena gen. et sp. nov. and Vanakripa fasciata sp. nov. Mycotaxon 91: 339-345. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Zelotriadelphia amoena anam. gen. et sp. nov. and Vanakripa fasciata sp. nov. found on decaying leaves of Terminalia cattapa and wood submerged in a river, are described and illustrated. The former is distinguished by hologenous, unilocal, determinate or indeterminate conidiogenous cells, and broadly obovate, 1-distoseptate, very pale brown to olive-brown conidia and the latter is characterized by unicellular, elliptical, brown conidia with a central dark brown to black band. A key to Vanakripa species is provided.

KEYWORDS: aquatic fungi, systematics, tropical fungi

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