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Li, Tai-Hui, Bo Liu, Bin Song, Wang-Qiu Deng & Tong-Xin Zhou. A new species of Phallus from China and P. formosianus, new to the mainland. Mycotaxon 91: 309-314. 2005.

ABSTRACT: The new species, Phallus tenuissimus, and P. formosanus, new to Mainland China, are described and illustrated. Both species were collected from within Yunnan Province, China: P. tenuissimus in the Wuliangshan Nature Reserve and P. formosanus in the Yingjiang Nature Reserve. A key to Phallus species known from China is also presented, and an interesting native Chinese species Dictyophora nanchangensis is discussed.

KEYWORDS: Phallaceae, Phallales, Phallus nanchangensis, Phallus tenuis

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