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Mo, MingHe , Wei Zhou, Ying Huang, ZeFen Yu & KeQin Zhang. A new species of Dactylella and its teleomorph. Mycotaxon 91: 185-192. 2005.

ABSTRACT: Dactylella lignatilis, a new species, is described as the anamorph of an unidentified species of the genus Hyalorbilia. The fungus produces spindle-shaped to cylindrical conidia with 1-6 septa (usually 3-4). The conidia are 25-51μm l ong (mean=41), 2.5-6.3 μm wide (mean=4.8), and are solitarily borne on extensively ramified conidiophores. The fungus fails to trap nematodes on water agar medium when challenged with nematodes.

KEYWORDS: anamorph-teleomorph connection

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