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Parmasto, Erast. New data on rare species of Hydnochaete and Hymenochaete (Hymenochaetales). Mycotaxon 91: 137-163. 2005.

ABSTRACT: New data on distribution and additional data on structure and variation of basidiomata are given for Hydnochaete peroxydata and twenty seven species of the genus Hymenochaete: H. acanthophysata, H. adusta, H. amboinensis nom. nud., H. berkeleyana, H. berteroi, H. coffeana, H. colliculosa, H. depallens, H. gigaspora, H. globispora, H. innexa, H. livens, H. magnahypha, H. microspora, H. mollis, H. murina, H. muroiana, H. ochromarginata, H. pectinata, H. pellicula, H. plurimisetae, H. raunkiaeri, H. separabilis, H. sphaerospora, H. tuberculosa, H. unicolor and H. vallata. Four species, H. berkeleyana, H. fomitiporoides, H. fuscobadia H. lignosa are placed in synonymy. The new combinations Hymenochaete pectinata and Coniophora deflectens are proposed. Lectotypes are designated for H. pectinata and H. raunkiaeri.

KEYWORDS: Hymenomycetes, spore variation

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