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David L. Hawksworth. Book reviews and notices. Mycotaxon 90: 474-493. 2004.

ABSTRACT: Books reviewed include:

[General] Cultivation and diseases of Proteaceae: Leucadendron, Leucospermum and Protea; Journal of fungal research; Recent research developments in mycology.

[Basidiomycetes] Cytology and plectology of the Hymenomycetes; Fungi of Australia. Volume 2B. Catalogue and bibliography of Australian fungi 2. Basidiomycota p.p. & Myxomycota p.p.; Taxonomy, ecology and distribution of Hygrocybe (Fr.) P. Kumm. and Camarophyllopsis Henrink (Fungi, Basidiomycota, Hygrocybeae) in Greenland.

[Ascomycetes] Laboulbeniales II. Acompsomyces – Ilyomyces; Hyaloscyphaceae, Sarcoscyphaceae et Sarcosomataceae.

[Lichen-forming fungi] Le genre Strigula (Lichens) en Europe et en Macaronésie; Ascomycetes Lichenisati: Species foliosae et fruticulosae; Contributions to lichenology: Festschrift in honour of Hannes Hertel; A second checklist of the lichens of Italy with a thesaurus of synonyms; Keys to the lichens of Italy. Vol. 1. Terricolous species; Eesti Pisisamblikud; Väike Sammalde ja Samblike Raamat; Checklist of lichens of the western Carpathians; The lichens and allied fungi of the Polish Carpathians: An annotated checklist; The lichen genera Lasallia and Umbilicaria in the Polish Tatra Mts.

[Conidial Fungi] Phoma identification manual: Differentiation of specific and infra-specific taxa in culture; Sphaeropsidales: Genus Septoria

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