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Tanaka, Kazuaki , Satoshi Hatakeyama & Yukio Harada. A new species, Massarina magniarundinacea. Mycotaxon 90: 349-353. 2004.

ABSTRACT: Massarina magniarundinacea, a new pleosporalean fungus, is described and illustrated. It is found on a submerged herbaceous stem from a river in Hokkaido, northern Japan. The shape of ascospores is very similar to that of M. arundinacea, but the dimensions are much larger, 67-82 x 6.5-9 Ám (vs. 23-40 x 3.5-6 Ám in M. arundinacea). In artificial media, M. magniarundinacea produces a teleomorphic state.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycetes, freshwater, Lophiostoma, Pleosporales, taxonomy

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