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Norvell, Lorelei L. Phaeocollybia in western North America 4: Two new species with tibiiform cheilocystidia and Section Versicolores reconsidered. Mycotaxon 90: 241-260. 2004.

ABSTRACT: Two new phaeocollybias are described from the coastal coniferous forests of California, Oregon, and Washington. Phaeocollybia rufotubulina, closely related to the gregarious, hollow-stiped P. californica and P. scatesiae, differs in its pileipellis pigments, pseudorhizal branching pattern, and RFLP profile. P. tibiikauffmanii differs from the similarly robust, orange-brown, viscid capped, large limoniform spored P. kauffmanii in its thick-walled narrow-necked capitulate cheilocystidia. Phenetic and cladistic analyses of restriction data generated from thirty-seven isolates representing the two new species, P. californica, P. pseudofestiva, P. scatesiae, P. spadicea, and P. radicata support the existence of a clade characterized by thick-walled tibiiform cheilocystidia. The characters previously used to diagnose Section Versicolores are reexamined, and the implied phylogenetic separation of the vernal P. pleurocystidiata from the fall-fruiting tibiiform western species is discussed.

KEYWORDS: Agaricales, Basidiomycota, Cortinariaceae, RFLPs, temperate rainforest

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