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Mennicken, Mechthilde & Franz Oberwinkler. A contribution to the rust flora (Uredinales) of southern Africa, with an emphasis on South Africa. Mycotaxon 90: 1-28. 2004.

ABSTRACT: Six new rust species are described: Puccinia rocherpaniana on Helichrysum tricostatum, P. pteroniae on Pteronia divaricata, Uredo tarchonanthi on Tarchonathus littoralis, Uredo aspalathi on Aspalathus laricifolia, Uromyces silksvleyensis on cf. Bartholina burmanniana, and Uromyces quaggafonteinus on Ehrharta calycina. Rust species newly recorded from the western provinces of South Africa and/or on new host plants are: Aecidium elytropappi on Elytropappus rhinocerotis and Leysera gnaphalodes, Aecidium dielsii on Lebeckia sp., Miyagia pseudosphaeria on Sonchus cf. oleraceus, cf. Phakopsora pachyrhizae on Psoralea pinnata, Puccinia polycampta on Chlorophytum crassinerve and on Trachyandra sp., P. kalchbrenneri var. kalchbrenneri on Helichrysum cochleariforme, P. ursiniae on Ursinia anthemoides, P. granularis on Pelargonium grossularioides, P. menthae on Mentha cf. longifolia, P. hordei on Bromus pectinatus, P. polypogonis on Polypogon monspeliensis, P. stonemaniae on Thesium cf. strictum and on T. viridifolium, Uredo sp. on Salsola cf. zeyheri, Uromyces chaetobromi on Chaetobromus dregeanus, Uromyces ehrhartae-giganteae (= Uredo ehrhartae-calycinae ) on Ehrharta calycina and on E. villosa, Uromyces holci on cf. Holcus setiger, on Karroochloa cf. schismoides, on Schismus barbatus and on Tribolium echinatum.

KEYWORDS: Biodiversity, Namibia, rust fungi, taxonomy.

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