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Matheny, P. Brandon & Roy Watling. A new and unusual species of Inocybe (Inosperma clade) from tropical Africa. Mycotaxon 89: 497-503. 2004.

ABSTRACT: A new African agaric, Inocybe misakaensis, is described from tropical dry Miombo woodlands in Zambia. Inocybe misakaensis lacks pleurocystidia and has smooth yellowish brown basidiospores, fusiform to fusiform-rostrate cheilocystidia, and necropigmented basidia. Phylogenetically, I. misakaensis is sister to section Cervicolores in the Inosperma clade with strong bootstrap support based on RPB2 nucleotide sequence data. Despite the possession of necropigmented basidia, I. misakaensis is related to I. calamistrata and allies. A taxonomic description, illustrations, and the phylogeny of this new paleotropical species are presented.

KEYWORDS: Agaricales, Cortinariaceae, phylogeny, RNA polymerase II, taxonomy

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