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Park, Houng G., J. R. Managbanag, Elena K. Stamenova & Shung-Chang Jong. Comparative analysis of common indoor Cladosporium species based on molecular data and conidial characters. Mycotaxon 89: 441-451. 2004.

ABSTRACT: ITSs and D1/D2 regions of the LSU rRNA genes of 57 ATCC strains of Cladosporium representing common airborne species, C. herbarum, C. cladosporioides and C. sphaerospermum, were PCR-amplified and sequenced in both directions. Sequence alignments and subsequent maximum parsimony analyses on both of the datasets indicated that C. herbarum and C. cladosporioides were more closely related to each other than either was to C. sphaerospermum. Most strains were clustered into one of the three individual groups according to the species identification by the depositors. However, four strains deposited as C. herbarum clustered with C. clasdosporioides. Conidial shapes of these four strains resembled C. herbarum although their size was smaller. Another strain deposited as C. cladosporioides clustered with C. herbarum. The conidia of this strain were longer than the typical conidia of C. cladosporioides, but resembled C. cladosporioides. ATCC 64726 (deposited as C. cladosporioides) and ATCC 26362 (deposited as C. herbarum) were placed close to C. sphaerospermum, but formed a distinct subgroup with strong bootstrap supports. The strains of these three Cladosporium species collected over a wide range of areas displayed minute intra-species sequence variations and varying degrees of conidial shapes and sizes.

KEYWORDS: Airborne Cladosporium, rDNA

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