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Wang, Q.-B. & Y.-J. Yao. Revision and nomenclature of several boletes in China. Mycotaxon 89: 341-348. 2004.

ABSTRACT: Revision of several boletes in China is reported with proposals of a new name and two new combinations. Boletus atratus is proposed as nomen novum to replace B. nigricans M. Zang, M. S. Yuan & M. Q. Gong, which is a later homonym of B. nigricans Pat. & Baker. This is considered as a recognizable species based on examination of the type material from China in comparison with specimens of B. nigerrimus and Tylopilus alboater. Boletinus cavipoides and B. kunmingensis are transferred to Suillus as the new combinations S. cavipoides and S. kunmingensis respectively, based on the characters of viscid pileus and the absence of clamp connexions in tube trama hyphae. A revision of the type material of S. pinetorum is also presented to extend the species description and to clarify the nomenclature of the species.

KEYWORDS: Boletales, Boletus sect. Nigres, type revision

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