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Rani, S. Swarupa, I. K. Kunwar, G. S. Prasad & C. Manoharachary. Glomus hyderabadensis, a new species: its taxonomy and phylogenetic comparison with related species. Mycotaxon 89: 245-253. 2004.

ABSTRACT: A novel Glomus species was isolated from rhizosphere soils supporting Allamanda cathartica from Hyderabad, India. The spores proliferate and bud out a daughter spore terminally which is connected to the mother spore by a small connective. Sequence analysis of D1D2 variable domain of 26S ribosomal RNA gene of this Glomus sp. shows that it is different from other known AM fungi. The morphological and molecular phylogenetic analyses support the creation of Glomus hyderabadensis sp. nov.

KEYWORDS: morphotaxonomy, molecular sequencing, phylogeny

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