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Johnston, P. R. , M. A. Manning, X. Meier, D. Park & R. A. Fullerton. Cryptosporiopsis actinidiae sp. nov. Mycotaxon 89: 131-136. 2004.

ABSTRACT: A fungus commonly isolated from fruit rots of kiwifruit in New Zealand, referred to previously in the New Zealand literature as Cryptosporiopsis sp., is described here as Cryptosporiopsis actinidiae. It is reported from the kiwifruit species Actinidia arguta, A. chinensis, A. deliciosa and A. indochinensis, as well as apple. Although the teleomorph of C. actinidiae is unknown, it is genetically similar to the teleomorph genus Neofabraea, which includes the widespread fruit rot pathogens N. alba, N. malicorticis and N. perennans.

KEYWORDS: ITS, phylogeny, Pezicula

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