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Zhurbenko, M. & F. J. A. Daniëls. New or rarely reported lichenicolous fungi and lichens from the Canadian Arctic. Mycotaxon 88: 97 - 106. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Sixteen lichenicolous fungi and eight rarely collected lichens are reported from the Canadian Arctic. Five species of lichenicolous fungi (Dacampia rufescentis, Lasiosphaeriopsis stereocaulicola, Pronectria solorinae, Stigmidium croceae and Taeniolella christiansenii) are herein reported as new to North America (excluding Greenland), another four lichenicolous fungi (Dactylospora deminuta, Stigmidium frigidum, and Thamnogalla crombiei) and one lichen (Psora luridella) are new to Canada. Flavocetraria nivalis is a new host for Phaeosporobolus usneae.

KEYWORDS: North America, Nunavut, tundra, vegetation type

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