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Matheny, P. Brandon & Joseph F. Ammirati. Inocybe angustispora, I. taedophila, and Cortinarius aureifolius: an unusual inocyboid Cortinarius. Mycotaxon 88: 401 - 407. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Both Inocybe angustispora and I. taedophila are taxonomic synonyms of Cortinarius aureifolius, a species found in sandy soils under Pinus in both eastern and western North America. RPB1 and RPB2 nucleotide sequences of the holotype of I. angustispora support a close phylogenetic relationship between this species and Cortinarius croceus of subgenus Dermocybe, also evident by the shared presence of interhyphal pigment deposits. A taxonomic description, illustrations, and gene phylogenies are presented.

KEYWORDS: Agaricales, phylogeny, RPB1, RPB2, taxonomy

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