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Otte, Volker. On C. G. Mosig's lichen herbarium, with emphasis on type material of lichens and fungi. Mycotaxon 88: 393 - 399. 2003.

ABSTRACT: In 1810 Acharius based many descriptions of lichen taxa on material collected by C. G. Mosig. Mosig's herbarium in GLM contains probable isotypes. In contrast to the specimens in Acharius' herbaria, the collecting sites, most of which belong to Poland today, are given in detail in Mosig's herbarium. There are also possible types of fungi described as lichens by Acharius and not yet typified. Furthermore, Mosig's lichen collection contains several syntypes from Flörke's exsiccatae set and many reference specimens received from other lichenologists of the late 18th/early 19th century, with a considerable number of at least possible types among them; that might be the case also in a number of fungi. Not all of the corresponding taxa have as yet been typified.

KEYWORDS: early lichenology, type specimens

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