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Mouchacca, Jean. Annotated basic references of novel fungal taxa introduced from the Middle East (1940-2000). Mycotaxon 88: 19 - 40. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Basic descriptive taxonomic references are documented for fungi new to science introduced over the years 1940-2000 from various localities of the Middle East. The 186 relevant titles are listed in alphabetic order of the authors' names. These titles convey the protologues of 254 taxonomic units at the species and infraspecific levels. Each title is annotated with the name(s) of the proposed fungus and the country of origin. Cases (and reasons) of invalid publication are then stated, in addition to known changes in taxonomic positions. This regional database is expected to stimulate taxonomic research on the mycobiota of the arid Middle East.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, bibliography, documentation, protologues, biogeography

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