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Raja, Huzefa A., Jinx Campbell & Carol A. Shearer. Freshwater ascomycetes: Cyanoannulus petersenii, a new genus and species from submerged wood. Mycotaxon 88: 1 - 17. 2003.

ABSTRACT: During an inventory of freshwater euascomyetes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a fungus (R044) with morphological characteristics similar to several genera in the Annulatascaceae was encountered on submerged wood. An identical fungus was also collected from La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica. Generic placement based on morphological data alone was problematic, therefore phylogenetic analyses of 28S rDNA sequence was used to shed light on the relationship of R044 to other genera in the Annulatascaceae. Results from phylogenetic analyses indicate that R044 does not belong to any of the existing genera that have been included in the Annulatascaceae, thus a new genus, Cyanoannulus, is established to accommodate it. The characteristic features of the new genus are pale reddish brown ascomata, a two-layered peridium with cells darkened toward the outside, fusoid asci with a large, bipartite apical ring that is non-amyloid, but stains in aqueous cotton blue, and thick-walled ascospores with a narrow channel in their apical walls, with or without a gelatinous sheath. Cyanoannulus petersenii sp. nov. is described and illustrated.

KEYWORDS: Annulatascaceae, euascomycetes, fungi, systematics, 28S rDNA

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