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Minter, D. W. Propolis and Marthamyces gen. nov. (Rhytismatales). Mycotaxon 87: 43 - 52. 2003.

ABSTRACT: The genus Propolis is briefly reviewed with a short description. All taxa described in the genus are listed with a critical annotation. Marthamyces gen. nov. (Rhytismataceae, Rhytismatales), is erected to accommodate taxa with filiform ascospores placed in Propolis (Fr.) Corda, mostly in recent years, and not congeneric with the type species P. farinosus, as follows: Marthamyces dendrobii, M. desmoschoeni, M. dracophylli, M. emarginatus, M. foliicola, M. panizzei, M. phacidioides, M. quadrifidus, M. quercifolius combs. nov.

KEYWORDS: ascomycetes, Rhytismataceae

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