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Thomas, S. R., W. A. Dunstan, B. Dell, J. M. Trappe & N. Malajczuk. Pisolithus hypogaeus sp. nov.: a hypogeous representative of the genus Pisolithus from Western Australia. Mycotaxon 87: 405 - 410. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Pisolithus hypogaeus, the first record of a Pisolithus species with a hypogeous habit, occurs in coastal south-western Australia in association with eucalypt ectomycorrhizal hosts on sandy soils. Ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequencing shows that P. hypogaeus lies within a lineage of other brown- and echinulate-spored Pisolithus spp., and is most closely related to two undescribed epigeous Pisolithus species from Australia.

KEYWORDS: ectomycorrhiza, eucalypt, truffle-like, Sclerodermataceae, sequestrate

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