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Raitviir, Ain. New or forgotten Helotiales from Greenland 1. Dermateaceae and Hyaloscyphaceae. Mycotaxon 87: 359 - 378. 2003.

ABSTRACT: A new genus of the Dermateaceae, Sarconiptera, three new species of the Dermateaceae, Belonopsis eriophori, Diplonaevia latispora and Sarconiptera vinacea are described, and a new combination Leptotrochila axillaris is made. Nine new species of the Hyaloscyphaceae, Amicodisca groenlandica, Arachnopeziza groenlandica, Calycina ovalipilosa, Lachnum arcticum, Lachnum uliginosum, Mollisina groenlandica, Psilocistella alchemillae, Psilocistella macrospora and Solenopezia groenlandica are described.

KEYWORDS: taxonomy, new genus, new species, arctic distribution

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