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Vujanovic, Vladimir, Chantal Hamel, Suha Jabaji-Hare & Marc St-Arnaud. A new species of Pseudorobillarda from an asparagus field in Quebec, Canada. Mycotaxon 87: 351 - 357. 2003.

ABSTRACT: A new species of coelomycetes in genus Pseudorobillarda is described and illustrated. Pseudorobillarda asparagis sp. nov. is a saprophyte isolated from the soil litter of an asparagus field in Quebec, Canada. This fungus is typical of the genus in morphology, but clearly different from other known species in Pseudorobillarda by distinct size and form of conidiomata and paraphyses, and by shape, size, and colour of conidia. Its taxonomic placement is discussed.

KEYWORDS: Pseudorobillarda asparagis, coelomycetes, systematics

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