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Tibell, Leif, Alexander N. Titov & Eva Lisická. Calicioid lichens and fungi described by J. Nádvorník. Mycotaxon 87: 3 - 24. 2003.

ABSTRACT: A revision of 53 taxon names of calicioid lichens and fungi described by J. Nádvorník and 3 taxon names by M. Servít & J. Nádvorník is presented. For the following taxa lectotypes have been designated: Calicium adspersum f. nuda, Calicium consociatum, Calicium cretzoiui, Calicium quercinum f. nuda, Calicium quercinum f. subcrustosa, Calicium salicinum var. arenarium, Calicium viridireagens, Chaenotheca dilatata, Chaenothecopsis gracilis, Coniocybe farinacea f. minima, Cyphelium brachysporum, Cyphelium inquinans f. ecrustacea, Mycocalicium rappii. One new combination, Chaenothecopsis rappii, is proposed

KEYWORDS: Calicium, Chaenotheca, Chaenothecopsis, Coniocybe, Cyphelium, Mycocalicium, lectotypes, Chaenothecopsis rappii comb. nov.

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