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Palmateer, Aaron J., Kathy S. McLean & Gareth Morgan-Jones. Concerning Phomopsis gossypii, the causal organism of boll rot of cotton. Mycotaxon 87: 157 - 172. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Phomopsis gossypii, the coelomycetous anamorph causal organism of boll rot and other diseases of cotton, is recharacterized, described, illustrated and compared with certain other Phomopsis species. Its taxonomic and nomenclatural history is reviewed, as are aspects of its symptomatology. The basionym of this taxon is recombined since a previous transfer thereof was invalidly published. Some account of host/pathogen relationships is also included. Commentary is made on the systematics of the Phomopsis-complex, particularly with regard to better defining species.

KEYWORDS: Gossypium hirsutum, Diaporthe, ITS, genetic distance, cultural features, species concepts

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