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Harrington, Thomas C. & Douglas L. McNew. Phylogenetc analysis places the Phialophora-like anamorph genus Cadophora in the Helotiales. Mycotaxon 87: 141 - 151. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Using ITS and 28S (LSU) rDNA sequences, members of the genus Cadophora are shown to be anamorphs of the Helotiales (discomycetes) and distinct from the morphologically similar anamorph genus Phialophora. The rDNA sequences of Cadophora spp. were similar to those of the teleomorph genera Mollisia, Pyrenopeziza, and Tapesia (which have anamorphs in Ramulispora) and to the anamorph genera Phialocephala and Rhynchosporium. The type species of Cadophora is C. fastigiata, and C. malorum is another common species in the genus. Also included are C. finlandia comb. nov., the soybean pathogen C. gregata comb. nov., C. lagerbergii, C. luteo-olivacea comb. nov., and C. melinii. Phialophora atra and C. heteroderae are synonymized with C. malorum. Phialophora goidanichii is synonymized with C. luteo-olivacea.

KEYWORDS: Phialocephala, Ramulispora, Rhynchosporium, Pyrenopeziza, Tapesia

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