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Kuhnert-Finkernagel, Regina & Ursula Peintner. Revised nomenclature of Cortinarius taxa with type specimens deposited in the Innsbruck (IB) Mycological Herbarium. Mycotaxon 87: 113 - 120. 2003.

ABSTRACT: A nomenclatural study of the names associated with type collections deposited in the mycological collection of IB was undertaken. Many of these names were invalidly published (Art. 34.2.) or had never been officially recombined. Our Mycological Type Collection Database can now be searched on the world-wide-web, and thus we decided to validate or recombine the following 18 species epithets in Cortinarius. Cortinarius alneus, C. atrocoeruleus, C. atropurpureus, C. betuletorum, C. caesiostramineus var. amarissimus, C. chrysophthalma, C. corynecystis, C. duramarus, C. fagetorum, C. flavotomentosus, C. heterochromus, C. multicolor, C. nothovenetus, C. obscurooliveus, C. obscurooliveus var. brunneus, C. olivipes, C. subtriumphans var. cephalixoides, C. viridipes. We give an overview of the valid names of nomenclatural types regarded as synonyms and of nomenclatural types, which have already been recombined. Three names proposed in an earlier paper turned out to be later Cortinarius homonyms. Therefore, they are replaced by the new names C. singerianus C. glabriceps and C. deminutus.


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