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Lechner, Bernardo E., Edgardo Albertó & Ronald H. Petersen. Pleurotus araucariicola is Pleurotus pulmonarius. Mycotaxon 86: 425 - 431. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Specimens of Pleurotus growing on Araucaria angustifolia were collected, macro- and microscopically described and compared with the type of Pleurotus araucariicola which was collected by Singer in the same area and on the same substrate fifty years ago. Interspecific mating tests were carried out making crossings with P. albidus, P. pulmonarius and P. ostreatus. The morphological studies and the mating tests allowed us to conclude that P. araucariicola is a later synonym of P. pulmonarius.

KEYWORDS: Systematics, mating tests, Pleurotaceae, Araucaria

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