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Liu, Pei-Gui , Xiang-Hua Wang, Fu-Qiang Yu, Huan-Di Zheng & Juan Chen. The Hypocreaceae of China VI. A new species of the genus Hypocrea. Mycotaxon 86: 277 - 282. 2003.

ABSTRACT: A new species of the genus Hypocrea growing on rotten wood of Castanopsis sp. in a tropical rain forest Yunnan, China is identified, described and illustrated, for which a new scientific Latin name Hypocrea tropicosinensis is proposed. Its single ascospore (partspore) culture yielded conidiophores with smooth and green conidia belonging to the form-genus Gliocladium.

KEYWORDS: Hypocrea tropicosinensis, Gliocladium deliquescens-type, Gelatinosa-group


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