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Shin, Hyeon-Dong & Young-Joon Choi. A first check-list of Peronosporaceae from Korea. Mycotaxon 86: 249 - 267. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Some 353 specimens belonging to 29 species of Peronosporaceae have been collected during recent years. Most of these are new to Korea. Each species is accompanied by a short description and taxonomic notes. Seven species of downy mildews, previously recorded in Korea but not collected by the authors, were also added. This compilation is the first step towards a monograph of Peronosporaceae of Korea.

KEYWORDS: Bremia, Hyaloperonospora, Paraperonospora, Perofascia, Peronospora, Plasmopara, Pseudoperonospora, Sclerophthora, Sclerospora, downy mildew, plant pathogenic fungi, biogeography

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