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Riccardi, Cynthia L. & Sarah Bashore. First checklist of macrofungi for the Deep Woods all taxa biodiversity inventory, Hocking County, Ohio, USA. Mycotaxon 86: 205 - 210. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Deep Woods is the site of an all taxa biodiversity inventory (ATBI) overseen by the Ohio Biological Survey. Deep Woods encompasses 114 ha comprised of a diversity of habitats including fields, lowland and upland forests, riparian forest, hemlock ravines, sandstone outcrops, and rockhouse formations. During the 2002 growing season, the property was surveyed approximately every 10 days and fungi were collected and identified. In total, 92 species were collected with 12 species of ascomycetes, 74 species of basidiomycetes and 6 unknown. The fungi identified to species were further divided into groups based upon ecological guild: 13 soil-inhabiting, 7 litter-inhabiting, 50 wood-inhabiting, 13 mycorrhizal species, and 3 "other." Our data indicate a diverse assemblage of macrofungi that is comparable to other studies in the Central Hardwood Region. Due to the ephemeral nature of fungal basidiomata, multiple years of study would certainly expand the species list.

KEYWORDS: Fleshy fungi, central hardwood region, Appalachia


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