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Hansen, Eric Steen. New or interesting Greenland lichens and lichenicolous fungi V. Mycotaxon 86: 149 - 155. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Eight species of lichens, viz. Aspicilia aliena, A. supertegens, Buellia crepera, Lobothallia radiosa, Mycoblastus affinis, Rinodina rinodinoides, Umbilicaria aprina and Xanthoria fulva, and one lichenicolous fungus, viz. Arthonia intexta, are reported as new to Greenland. Notes on the distribution of all of these species and additionally fifteen interesting taxa of lichens and lichenicolous fungi are given.

KEYWORDS: Arthoniaceae, Hymeneliaceae, Mycoblastaceae, Physciaceae, Teloschistaceae, Umbilicariaceae


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