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Kerrigan, Julia & Jack D. Rogers. Microfungi associated with the wood-boring beetles Saperda calcarata (poplar borer) and Cryptorhynchus lapathi (poplar and willow borer). Mycotaxon 86: 1 - 18. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Fifty-six taxa in forty-two genera are reported from wood-boring beetle activity of the long-horned beetle Saperda calcarata (poplar borer) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) and weevil Cryptorhynchus lapathi (poplar and willow borer) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) during a study designed to assess the distribution of the yeast genus Ascobotryozyma. Regular collections from wounds, frass, galleries, and larvae in Populus tremuloides (trembling aspen) over 27 months revealed trends in fungal species composition in relation to gallery location and age of beetle damage. In Salix, fungi were identified only from galleries from which Ascobotryozyma was found; thirty-four taxa are reported. Fungi identified in this study are compared with those from other surveys and their roles within the trees and associations with other organisms are discussed.

KEYWORDS: beetle galleries, Populus tremuloides, aspen, Salix

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