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Ortega, Antonio, Vladír Antonín & Fernando Esteve-Ravenntós. Three interesting thermophilic taxa of Gymnopus (Basidiomycetes, Tricholomataceae): G. pubipes sp. nov., G. pubipes var. pallidopileatus sp. nov.and G. drypohilus var. lanipes comb. nov. Mycotaxon 85: 67-75. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Three Gymnopus-taxa (Basidiomycetes, Tricholomataceae) were studied. One new species, G. pubipes, is described for a thermophilic fungus usually erroneously identified as G. benoistii. This study is based on studies of the original description of the latter species and recently collected material from Spain. A macroscopically different but microscopically identical fungus recorded in the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden is described as G. pubipes var. pallidopileatus. A new combination, G. dryophilus var. lanipes, is also proposed and its neotype from a recent collection from Spain is designated here.

KEY WORDS: Agaricales, new taxa, type-revision, taxonomy, nomenclature

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