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Schmit, John Paul & Carol A. Shearer. A checklist of mangrove-associated fungi, their geographical distribution and known host plants. Mycotaxon 85: 423 - 477. 2003.

ABSTRACT: We present a checklist of fungi that have been reported in the literature to be associated with mangrove forests. In total 625 fungi are listed, including 278 ascomycetes, 277 mitosporic fungi, 30 basidiomycetes and 14 oomycetes. For each fungus we list their known geographic distribution in mangrove forests, host associations, as well as known habitats and type of substrate. Ascomycetes and mitosporic mangrove-associated fungi differ in their substrate affinities and habitats. Terrestrial and sediment fungi have more restricted geographical distributions compared to intertidal fungi, but this may be due to sampling error rather than biological reality.

KEYWORDS: Marine fungi, Host preference, Mangrove fungi, Marine ecology

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