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Ho, H. H., H. S. Chang & S. H. Huang. Hyalophytophthora elongata, a new marine species from Taiwan. Mycotaxon 85: 417 - 422. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Halophytophthora elongata, a new marine species, was isolated from fallen, yellow and submerged leaves of mangrove (Avicinnia marina) at Shih-tsao, Tainan County, Taiwan. It is distinguished from other species of Halophytophthora primarily by (a) the variable but often exceptionally long sporangia, (b) the production of a solid dehiscence plug which is ejected and becomes evanescent and (c) the formation of a persistent, tubular vesicle through which zoospores are released.

KEYWORDS: Pythiaceae, oomycete, straminiopilous fungus, mangrove, Avicinnia

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