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Vellinga, Else C.. Type studies in Agaricaceae - Chlorophyllum rachodes and allies. Mycotaxon 85: 259 - 270. 2003.

ABSTRACT: The complex of Chlorophyllum rachodes in Europe and North America was investigated, and type collections or authentic material of Lepiota brunnea, L. bohemica, L. subrhacodes, and Macrolepiota venenata were studied. Chlorophyllum brunneum is shown to be the correct name for what was known as M. rachodes var. hortensis and var. bohemica. Diagnostic characters comprise the structure of the annulus and the bulb, shape and size of spores and cheilocystidia, and the clamp-connections. Five species are recognized: Chl. rachodes, Chl. olivieri, Chl. brunneum, Chl. subrhacodes, and M. venenata. A key to the species and an overview of the different interpretations of the names are provided.


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