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Wu, Sheng-Hua & Leif Ryvarden. Polypore fungi newly recorded from Taiwan. Mycotaxon 85: 101 - 108. 2003.

ABSTRACT: Twelve species of polypore fungi are newly recorded from Taiwan, viz., Abundisporus roseoalbus, Antrodiella hydrophila, Ceriporiopsis lowei, Echinochaete brachyporus, Hexagonia hirta, Megasporoporia cavernulosa, Oxyporus corticola, Perenniporia isabellina, Polyporus dictyopus, Skeletocutis sensitiva, Theleporus calcicolor and Trametes pocas. Cultural studies are provided for E. brachyporus, H. hirta, Theleporus calcicolor, and Trametes pocas.

KEY WORDS: Aphyllophorales, Basidiomycota, cultural studies, new records, Taxonomy

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