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Vánky, Kálmán. Taxonomical studies on Ustilaginales. XXIII. Mycotaxon 85: 1 - 65. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Fifteen NEW SPECIES of smut fungi are proposed: Entyloma frondosa, Macalpinomyces elionuri-tripsacoidis, M. ugandensis, Restiosporium dapsilanthi, Sporisorium absconditum, S. berndtii, S. compactum, S. cymbicum, S. divisum, S. eriochrysis, S. rhytachnes-rottboellioidis, S. sphacelatum, S. tothii, S. tristachyae-nodiglumis and S. zambianum. NEW NAME proposed: Sporisorium spegazzinii. NEW COMBINATIONS are: Macalpinomyces elymandrae, M. pretoriensis, Moreaua apicis, Sporisorium anadelphiae, S. argentinum, S. barberi, S. bengalense, S. cymbopogonis, S. densiflorum, S. lanigeri, S. mildbraedii, S. mutabile, S. nardi, S. panici-carthaginense, S. parodii, S. pennisetinum, S. spermoideum, S. urelytri, Tranzscheliella halophila, T. halophiloides, T. jacksonii, T. macrochloae, T. minima, T. sparti and T. ventanensis. EXCLUDED SPECIES are: Entyloma ameghinoi, E. nectrioides and Ustilago lycoperdospora. LECTOTYPES are designated for Entyloma chilense, Tilletia eremophila and Ustilago paraguayensis. Revision of different groups of smut fungi resulted in the establishment of twenty TAXONOMIC SYNONYMS. KEYS to eleven groups of smut fungi are compiled.


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