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Letcher, Peter M. & Martha J. Powell. A taxonomic summary of Chytriomyces (Chytridiomycota), Mycotaxon 84: 447-487. 2002.

ABSTRACT: The genus Chytriomyces was established by Karling to accommodate two similar species, C. hyalinus and C. aureus. The generic concept of Chytriomyces has become altered substantially from its original circumscription, mainly through attrition of utilizable generic characters, to its present simpler, yet less precise definition. Remaining reliable characters that help define Chytriomyces are: an epibiotic and operculate sporangium, and epibiotic resting spores. For each of the 34 species of Chytriomyces, a taxonomic description and ecological/distributional data are presented. The type of Chytriomyces is designated herein, and terminology pertinent to morphological features is discussed. A taxonomic key based on readily observable morphological character states, and figures derived primarily from the original literature, are presented to assist in species identification.

KEYWORDS: chytrid, Chytridiomycetes, distribution, ecology, taxonomy.


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