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Oehl, Fritz, Andres Wiemken & Ewald Sieverding. Glomus caesaris, a new arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from the Kaiserstuhl in Germany, Mycotaxon 84: 379-385. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Glomus caesaris is a new species in the Glomales forming globose, yellow brown spores of 156-212 mm diameter. The spores have one wall with 5 layers of which spore wall layer 2 swells from 1-3 mm to 10-30 mm when spores are mounted in lactic acid based media. Wall layers 1-3 are hyaline and are in total about 3-7 mm thick, wall layer 4 is laminated, yellow-brown and 3-6 mm thick, while the inner wall layer 5, 0.5-1.0 mm thick, closes the pore at the spore base. Glomus caesaris spores superficially resemble those of G. caledonium from which they are distinguished by the number of spore wall layers, the swelling of the second wall layer in lactic acid based media, by the reaction of this layer in Melzerīs reagent, and by differences in the spore attachment.


Glomus caesaris Sieverd. & Oehl, p. 381

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