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Hafellner, Josef, Dagmar Triebel, Bruce D. Ryan & Thomas H. Nash, III. On lichenicolous fungi from North America, Mycotaxon 84: 293-329. 2002.

ABSTRACT: An annotated list of 70 taxa of lichenicolous fungi (56 Ascomycetes, 3 Basidiomycetes, 8 Coelomycetes and 3 Hyphomycetes) from North America is documented. Dactylospora pleiosperma, Endococcus oreinae, Plectocarpon nashii, and Stigmidium epixanthum are new to science. Whereas Dactylospora pleiosperma, Endococcus oreinae, Plectocarpon nashii are so far only known from restricted areas in North America, Stigmidium epixanthum is a widespread species. Each treated taxon represents a new record to either one of the states of the U.S.A> or one or more of the provinces of Canada or Mexico or Greenland. 25 of these are new records for entire or continental North America. Buelliella inops is a new combination. In addition the lichenized Leucocarpia biatorella, found as admixture in a specimen of Arthonia peltigera, is reported for the first time from Colorado.

KEYWORDS: Ascomycetes, Coelomycetes, Hyphomycetes, Basidiomycetes, Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Greenland

Buelliella inops (Triebel & Rambold) Hafellner, p. 298
Dactylospora pleiosoperma Triebel, p. 300
Endococcus oreinae Hafellner, p. 302
Plectocarpon nashii Hafellner, p. 312
Stigmidium epixanthum Hafellner, p. 317

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