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Jiang, Y. & Y.-J. Yao. Names related to Cordyceps sinensis anamorph, Mycotaxon 84: 245-254. 2002.

ABSTRACT: Cordyceps sinensis is well known as a Chinese medicinal 'herb', used for its invigorating and immunological effects on the human body. Many efforts have been devoted to isolate and cultivate the fungus from nature in China since the 1980's. Twenty-two names, involving 13 genera, associated with the anamorph of Cordyceps sinensis are listed in the present paper and their nomenclatural status discussed. Two of the eight names formally proposed as new species are invalid according to the provisions of ICBN articles. Some other names were often mentioned as new species in Chinese literature, but they have not been formally described. The links between these names and the fungus Cordyceps sinensis are also discussed.

KEYWORDS: fungal names, nomenclature, Caterpillar Fungus, Hirsutella sinensis, Paecilomyces sinensis


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